SOTW 1 - Winner: Phoenix

SOTW #1 Winner

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Welcome to Phoenix Designz.

What is Phoenix Designz you ask? Well as you can see it's clearly a GFX site and community. But that's not all. No, not by a long shot. Phoenix Designz is an overall relaxing place to just hang out and or expand your GFX skills and knowledge. While we provide a nice place to relax and chat about anything, we also have dedicated staff in our GFX sections who are here to help you with anything graphic related. Be it critique, resources, tournamets, SOTWs w/e.

My name is Phoenix and I am the Founder of Phoenix Designz. I've worked hard on every aspect of this community. Such as in the first two resource packs, I've rendered everything myself to ensure the highest quality renders I can. I designed and coded this website and layout and I'm also a GFX artist. I'm not here to claim I'm the best, I'm no where near, but I know a thing or two lol

So enjoy everything I've brought to you and I hope to see you around PD forums :D

Welcome To Phoenix Designz!

April 8th, 2010

Hey everybody, Phoenix here. I'm glad and proud to welcome you to the unveiling of the Phoenix Designz main site! It's been a LONG time in waiting and the forum's been open for about a month now. Just had some issues with IE while coding the main site and well... I hate IE so it still looks kinda bad. This is the best I could do though. I've got some new staff and we're all working to make this work great for you guys. But we're still looking for certain staff positions so check out the forums to find out how to apply ;) As a special welcome to Phoenix Designz, I and the GFX staff have put together a large Resource Pack for you guys! =D It's PD's 2nd ever and it's just the start. We're always going to be bringing you guys more and more resources :) To download the resource packs, click resources at the top.

Along with that, we also have great plans for the forum to start soon. Please, visit and register on our forums, click the link at the top, and join in the fun. I know a lot of the focus of this site is GFX, but the forum is for GFX and just general chit chat. You can get resources, get classed on your skills, enter our tournaments or just hang out and have fun if you aren't a designer ^-^

So please, look around, join the forums, and have fun. We've got some nice surprises for those on the forum, including special prizes for our upcoming GFX and Community contests! =D

We look forward to seeing you there :)